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A Complete Medical X-Ray Duplicating and Archiving Company

20-Year Industry Leader!

Biokem is a reputable company based in Los Angeles, California that serves as an x-ray duplicating department for a growing number of legal copy services. Its cornerstone value is quality. Biokem delivers prompt, effective and affordable service with a staff that is dedicated, reliable and friendly. Furthermore, the company aims to meet the needs of fellow copy services, medical facilities, and legal offices in an effort to promote efficiency, convenience, and well-being.
Our Services:

X-Ray Digitaliation and Replicating
Medical x-ray films are often copied using portable cameras before being developed. X-Ray digitalization and replication is often requested by photocopy services, law firms, and individuals for legal use and personal storage. Because x-rays are often property of the medical facility or patient, a subpoena and/or authorization must be issued in order to obtain legal access for copying.

Digital Imaging
X-Ray films may be digitally transferred to CD or DVD to meet the needs of business and consumers who value efficient storage, easy retrieval, and convenient transportation.

X-Ray Scanning and Archiving